Knowledge and practical experience. In action.

Since its foundation in 1989, the core of the LIMAK Austrian Business School has been the creation of a strong link between theory and practice. Therefore, management development at the LIMAK is based on the principle that the learning acquired by the participants can be immediately used and implemented within their own companies.


We focus on the attendees and their requirements

The LIMAK was founded originally in response to Austrian industry’s need for top quality specialists. This has led to today’s intensive links between in-depth theoretical manager development and practical realizability.

And this feature is common to all the training offered by the LIMAK, from customized, internal company IN.SPIRE measures, which are applied and implemented directly at companies, to classic MBA programs and certificate courses. Indeed, any search for standard examinations without a practical aspect would prove in vain and even the master’s theses are designed as so-called transfers, which can be used by the (trainee) managers to implement their acquired knowledge almost immediately for and at their companies.

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