DIGITIZATION IN ALL MBA Programs AND certificate courses

A supplementary focus on digitization has been integrated into every LIMAK program. This addition bears the name “DIGITAL INSIDE” and in each program spotlights the specific challenges posed by digitization.

This is because, as demonstrated by the current LIMAK digital economy study, the topic of digitization is an indispensible part of every function and business area. Accordingly, this development is accounted for by means of “DIGITAL INSIDE”, i.e. the integration of digital content, which is harmonized to the needs of managers and experts in the respective programs.


Management MBAs and Certificate Courses

In this program, “DIGITAL INSIDE” support managers during the realization of the digital transformation of their companies on a legal level. The “Legal Framework Conditions in the Digital Age” module deals with the most pressing juridical questions emanating from technological changes such as data protection and intellectual property rights.

>> More details: Business Law MBA and Business Law Certificate Course



In this program, “DIGITAL INSIDE” focuses of the conception and realization of digital business models. The “Innovation in the Digital Economy Business Model” module deals with the analysis and further development of existing business models and potential changes that result from the new technological possibilities. This affects concrete content regarding digital disruption and transformation, as well as their impact upon the process of business model innovation.

>> More details: Innovation and Product Management MBA and Innovation and Product Management Certificate Course


The increasingly large volumes of networked data present services and production companies with the challenge of structuring this information using processes and methodology in a manner that allows it to be employed for the optimization of their own processes. During the “Business Process Optimization” module a focus is placed on the manner in which data analytic methods can be utilized in industrial and service enterprises in order to predict and prevent errors, initiate improvements and optimize planning activities within the students’ own companies.

>> More details: Total Quality Management and Business Process Optimization MBA and Total Quality Management and Business Process Optimization Certificate Course


The “Digital Sales” module not only means selling via the Internet, but above all a panoramic view of sales value added ranging from market and customer analysis to customer relationships management (CRM) and the design of a comprehensive sales information system (Business Intelligence), to linkage with the customers’ own goods management systems. Digital Sales thus incorporates the analysis, conception and implementation of a digital sales approach throughout your entire company.

>> More details: Sales Management Excellence MBA and Sales Management Excellence Certificate Course


During this program decision-makers are enabled to account for the effects of the digital economy upon company strategy in such a way that the opportunities emanating from these changes are identified and integrated into business area strategies and business models.  The “Strategic Management in a Digital Environment” module communicates the competences needed to use digitization potential, activate its possibilities and incorporate it into strategy.

>> More details: Strategic Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship MBA and Strategic Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate Course

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