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LIMAK offers managers online courses for targeted, practice-oriented and location-independent further training. Within the framework of a program lasting several weeks, teaching content, assignments and tools are provided via the LIMAK learning platform. In three successive, accumulative webinars, LIMAK experts provide their expertise with regard to selected focal point topics and encourage exchanges of experience and intensive learning.

In addition, the course provides tools for strategic and business model development in a digital world. The objective is to recognize the growth possibilities offer by digitization for the participants’ own companies and to draw up planned measures for their realization.

Teaching will commence in May 2018 with the LIMAK “Digital Business Modeling” online course.

>> More detailed information regarding the “Digital Business Modeling” online course.

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Hubert Preisinger is the LIMAK expert in the fields of marketing, innovation, IT and sales

“The digital transformation process is reshaping our society and hence its companies. For businesses it presents both opportunities and dangers. Consider all these aspects on a business model level and enrich the result with digital elements, or recognize the threat posed by competitors infiltrating your area with digital business models. This program offers a gateway to this topic by means of concrete tools.”


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