IN.SPIRE Customized Digital Solutions

The topic of digitization demands a willingness to change, openness to the new and strategic and entrepreneurial thought and action on the part of both companies and their managements. Digitization issues have therefore also entered the LIMAK IN.SPIRE business sphere, which involves the provision of customized further training programs for managers. In the course of in-house development programs, the aim is to provide managers with the skills needed for the questioning of their own business processes, the analysis of digital trends and the effective use of growth and optimization potential in their own companies.

The range of topics on offer extends from …

  • the creation of awareness regarding the optimization possibilities and growth potential offered by digitization and
  • the ability to develop digital business models, to
  • the handling of change processes in the wake of digital transformation and the design of optimum framework conditions for the generation of innovative in-company solutions.


In accordance with the objective of managerial measures, a check is made as to which formats and content make sense in relation to the respective company target group.



Expert input from business and science – innovative output for your company

The teaching content to be communicated to the selected managers is defined on the basis of preliminary discussions/workshops with the executive management and HR development.

The result is a tailor-made training concept that gives managers an opportunity to learn from business and scientific experts, and use genuine best and worst case scenarios to examine the developments and challenges that digitization will bring for their companies. In order to ensure that know-how communication goes beyond the initial learning experience and flows into the actual realization of the teaching content in the companies, the participants are provided with time in which to transfer their lessons directly into their own reality, develop ideas and propose solutions for their own enterprises.

Impulses / Key-Notes / Workshops


A digital mindset extending from board members to team leaders is what brings pioneering companies success in the digitization area.

LIMAK IN.SPIRE offers impulses, keynotes and workshops for all managerial levels in order to create an awareness of both the growth potential and the obstacles relating to digitization. Benchmarks can be established for your company on the basis of our digital economy study and the determination of specific in-house development areas. The resultant consciousness is employed to generate an impact within the company and show the role of management during the creation of a framework for the successful handling of digitization.

Learning Journeys

Learning with and from others.

For its clients, LIMAK IN.SPIRE arranges and organizes customized Learning Journeys to Silicon Valley, Stockholm and Berlin, etc. with the aim of providing participants with impulses from these eco-systems for the development of their own enterprises. During these Learning Journeys, the participants visit leading companies from their own branch, immerse themselves in the world of digitization and with selected experts, jointly analyze what this means for their respective companies. In combination with a clear project assignment determined by the executive management, Learning Journeys can also be employed for the targeted development of innovative business models, the evaluation of their feasibility and the creation of the initial prototypes.

e-learning / blended-learning

Online learning allows greater flexibility in both a temporal and location regard, and therefore in particular is becoming increasingly important for international companies.

Together with its client, LIMAK IN.SPIRE develops a learning dramaturgy, which is adapted perfectly to the needs of the target group and the requested teaching content. E- and blended learning concepts are employed that incorporate accumulative learning elements for selected thematic areas, which are dealt with on in-company or external learning platforms. This facilitates location-independent learning in virtual teams in combination with fixed attendance appointments for interactive exchanges. Apart from the value added derived from the targeted preparation of the participants for the attendance appointments, the utilization of e-learning elements can further the use in practice of learning transfers.


“We are convinced that digitization can serve as an innovation driver and open up new wealth creation possibilities for companies. We have also noted that the need for topics such as digitization in marketing and sales, leadership and agility, innovation and process management is increasing steadily and therefore we are offering our expertise within the scope of our customized IN.SPIRE in-house training.” says Dr. Susanne Summereder, Head of LIMAK IN.SPIRE.


Managers learn to understand digitization in its full complexity and employ it for their own companies. To this end, within the scope of IN.SPIRE customized solutions for the respective company, relevant trends are analyzed, content is communicated and growth potential spotlighted and tested during simulation exercises.


  • Digital Awareness Excellence: learn to recognize the potential offered by digitization trends and growth for
    one’s own company
  • Digital Strategy Excellence: develop new strategies
    and business models for the active employment of
    growth potential within your company
  • Digital Implementation Excellence: discover how to create framework conditions and the cultural prerequisites
    for successful implementation within your company


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