Customized MBA

During the Customized MBA, sections of the accredited content of the LIMAK Management MBA can be tailored either entirely or partially, and then credited to the LIMAK Management MBA.

The Customized MBA combines tailor-made IN.SPIRE in-house training with the scientifically accredited programs of the LIMAK Management MBA. As a result, your managers receive further training that has been developed especially for your company and can be subsequently credited for an academic MBA program. The complementary MBA content can be completed within the scope of the open Management MBA Program, which enables trainees to obtain an academic Master of Business Administration degree.

Learning on the basis of assignments set by your company

We work with content from your company and the challenges of your management.

Submit one or more modules of your customized Management Academy or Management Program for acceptance as part of our Management MBAs. We are able to recognize the following modules:

Customized MBA

Customized Management Compact

Strategic management in a globalized world

  • Group formation and HR-management
  • Marketing and strategic management
  • Economics


Financial management

  • Accounting and balance sheet analysis
  • Cost accounting and management
  • Investment and financing


Business simulation

  • Company management under dynamic competitive conditions
  • Preparation and implementation of company strategy

Customized leadership experience

Teaching using assignments from your company

Within Leadership Experience we work with content from your company and on the challenges facing your executives. During the individual modules, the LIMAK trainers and experts work together with the participants, shed light on the mission statements and managerial principles of your company, integrating important inputs from the executive management and other persons in key roles. The aim is that the trainees analyze the structures of their own companies and develop a shared understanding of leadership.


Master challenging management situations

  • Assume different managerial roles and be able to use various management styles
  • Recognize sources of power as the key to managerial success
  • Consciously design international communications systems and convey information efficiently
  • Motivate employees and influence performance-related behavior


Understand teams and lead them efficiently

  • Be able to comprehend and steer group development processes
  • Comprehend and design group roles and expectations
  • Heighten an awareness of group standards and social sanctions
  • Recognize group phenomena and develop decision-making strategies
  • Be able to turn individuals into high-performance teams

Design and steer change processes

  • Recognize the reasons for resistance to change
  • Develop strategies for the handling of opposition
  • Be able to employ persuasive strategies for change
  • Develop profound analytical skills and an ability to recognize changes in behavior
  • Learn to apply diverse impulses for change


Following the completion of the Management Compact and Leadership Experience modules, which can be specially designed for your company, your trainees can specialize in the following areas and thus complete a LIMAK MBA:

  • Business Law
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Communication
  • Digital Transformation and Change Management
  • Innovation and Product Management
  • New Business Development in the Digital Economy
  • Sales Management Excellence
  • Strategic Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Total Quality Management and Process Optimization


We can also prepare a tailor-made specialization especially for your company should you so require. This service is subject to the condition that the project can be completed at least twice.

Master’s thesis & defense

The master’s thesis and its defense form the integrated conclusion of the MBA program. The aim of the work is to ensure the transfer of theoretical principles into the practical sphere and thus place a bracket around the individual teaching content. For this purpose, detailed questioning of the attendee’s own company occurs using the acquired scientifically based concepts and methods.

A direct benefit for your company results.
We determine your needs and requirements with respect to a Customized MBA Program in the course of our
analytical phase.


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  • Case IH
  • CNH Industrial Österreich GmbH
  • Energie AG
  • Eternit Österreich GmbH
  • Greiner Group
  • Kärntner Gebietskrankenkasse
  • Linz AG
  • Oberösterreichische Gebietskrankenkasse
  • Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH
  • Salzburger Gebietskrankenkasse
  • Schiedel Kaminsysteme GmbH
  • SWIETELSKY Baugesellschaft m.b.H
  • Steiermärkische Gebietskrankenkasse
  • UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG
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