Manager Academy

The Manager Academy communicates a company-wide understanding of leadership on all managerial levels. In the course of a bespoke Manager Academy, we support several or all the management echelons within a company regarding the further development of leadership and managerial skills.


Mag. Dr. Susanne Summereder
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The objective is to anchor a shared understanding of leadership throughout the company, in order to secure the clarity and orientation of your managers’ conduct.

Owing to the fact that we customize our Manager Academies, we are able to take the needs of the various management tiers into targeted account and thus provide your managers with the ideal framework for sustained learning success.


Managerial mission statement and leadership principles

It is frequently the case that in the course of manager academies progress is made with the development of managerial models and principles. These can be established with our trainers, assimilated by your managers and then brought to life.


Special company competence profile using ASSESS

In order to identify the right managerial personnel and then undertake their targeted development, LIMAK offers support with the definition of a special company competence profile for managers.

ASSESS is used for competence measurement and advancement. This is a scientifically validated and practically employed tool, which in its assessments combines and takes into equal account personalities, abilities and competences. The instrument gathers information about the thought, work and relationship patterns of a person and thus enables companies to create competence-based, decision-making principles for career paths, successor planning and the development of their managerial personnel.

We determine your needs and requirements with respect to a Manager Academy in the course of our analytical phase.


  • Bernegger GmbH
  • Energie AG
  • Poloplast GmbH & Co KG
  • Oberbank AG
  • Würth Handelsges.m.b.H.
  • ZKW Group GmbH