Manager Program

During a customized Manager Program, we provide the targeted support of persons from one tier of your managerial structure in order to enable them to further develop with regard to leadership and management topics.

Owing to the fact that we customize our Manager Programs specifically for you, we are able to meet the needs of differing target groups, from experienced managers to young executives. Accordingly, we can create an ideal and goal-oriented learning environment.


involvement of the decision-makers

In our programs we recommend company decision-makers to participate in various phases and aspects of the project measures (kick-off, fireside chats, project work, etc.). This strengthens the identification of the managerial trainees and facilitates the pinpointing and thematization of important development potential within the company.

We determine your needs and requirements with respect to a Manager Program in the course of our analytical phase.


  • Drei Banken EDV GmbH
  • Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH
  • Engel Austria GmbH
  • Fabasoft AG
  • Fronius International GmbH
  • Hauser GmbH
  • Internorm International GmbH
  • Land OÖ
  • Magistrat Landeshauptstadt Linz
  • OÖ Gesundheits- und Spitals AG
  • PBS Holding AG
  • Silhouette International Schmied AG
  • Unternehmensgruppe Stadt Linz