Talent Management

Talent Management Programs offer opportunities for a focus on the development of high potentials in line with individual requirements. In this regard, potential analyses and internal company management competence profiles can be employed as a basis on which to build.


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Possible steps:

  • The drawing up of a specific company management competence profile for the identification, selection, and development of your talents
  • Potential analyses as an objective basis for the selection of high potentials (in addition to internal hearings, etc.)
  • Furtherance of high potentials in accordance with individual needs during development programs


Talent selection and development using ASSESS

Companies are regularly confronted with the challenge of selecting and developing young executives (e.g. for a high-potential program). In this area, LIMAK offers support throughout the entire process commencing with the preparation of a company competence profile and continuing with the identification, evaluation and provision of objective selection data, right up to the development of talents in line with individual requirements.

ASSESS is employed for competence measurement and development. It is a scientifically validated and practically implemented tool, which combines and accounts for personality, capabilities and competences on an equal footing. The instrument determines the thought processes, working style and relationship skills of a person and enables companies to create competence-based, decision-making principles for career paths, successor planning and the advancement of suitable candidates. In addition, during a workshop ASSESS can be utilized to extrapolate competence models from company strategy, complete objective competence measurement and thus promote talents in a targeted manner.


We determine your needs and requirements with respect to a Talent Management Program in the course of our  analytical phase. You will find more information about the instruments used during the orientation phase in Talent Management.


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