Conceptual phase

During the conceptual phase in consultation with you, we jointly prepare your individual, tailor-made further training program.


Mag. Dr. Susanne Summereder
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Location Linz
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Mag. Thomas Kreiseder
Mag. Thomas Kreiseder+43 732 66 99 44 118
Location Linz
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Conceptual phase instruments

Introductory interviews

The basis for our measures is provided by introductory interviews with all the participants, whereby the following questions are clarified:

  • What are the objects of the process?
  • Where is the greatest individual growth potential to be found?
  • What difficulties currently confront the trainee?
  • With regard to the program, where should the journey lead?

Trainer/internal briefings

Shortly after the respective module, the trainer/internal briefings provide you with an opportunity to further sharpen the focal points contained in the concept for your management development measures and to adapt the demands made on the target group to current issues. The trainer gathers insights into the company and should this so request, can prepare and integrate internal data and facts into the training.