Evaluation phase

In line with a successful practice transfer, the task during the evaluation phase is to implement the findings on a lasting basis during daily working activities and to promote potential in the long-term.


Mag. Dr. Susanne Summereder
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Mag. Thomas Kreiseder
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Evaluation phase instruments

Value discussion following project conclusion

During the second value discussion, under the guidance of the trainer, the participant and his/her immediate superior evaluate the extent to which the professional and personal objectives specified during the initial value discussion have been achieved and if a need exists for further, individual development.

Follow-up measures

Of decisive importance for the successful implementation of the learned content and acquired capabilities in everyday working life is the optimum embedding of the managerial personnel development measures in day-to-day activities. LIMAK IN.SPIRE assists your organization with the best possible design of this integration by means of targeted and individually selected transfer measures, which ensure smooth and effective realization. Possible transfer measures include:

  • Implementation workshops
  • Thematically guided peer group activities (with reflection diary)
  • Supportive implementation coaching (individual or in the group)
  • Mentoring
  • Follow-up days/seminars
  • Follow-up value discussion (6 /12 months after the completed managerial personnel development measures)
  • Etc.