Orientation phase

The orientation phase is used to clarify the framework conditions for the further training. If requested, extremely precise requirement and potential profiles, which serve to additionally assist the customization process, can be drawn up by means of workshops, potential analyses and hearings.

Instrumente der Orientierungsphase

Company management competence profile workshop

Within the scope of a structured workshop, LIMAK assists companies during a joint definition of those managerial competences, which for them are indispensible with regard to assignment completion, target attainment and the achievement of fitness for the future, and therefore of decisive importance to the selection and development of their management employees.

Orientation Center

The personality characteristics and competences of budding and current managerial personnel can be assessed in the course of a potential analysis or by means of 360° feedback. These tests furnish the company with a collective picture of the status of the management team, defining where competences are found and where room for development exists. This procedure also provides every manager with an individual overview of both his/her strengths lie and those areas in which scope for future-oriented improvement awaits discovery.

Subsequently, a dialogue regarding these capabilities, as well as the critical factors for success in the desired working area, is possible. The development needs of individual young executives and current, managerial personnel can be identified and the findings used as a platform for competence-oriented selection, sustained personnel advancement and concepts for precisely suitable training and coaching.