LIMAK possesses over 25 years of experience in the managerial development field and with its IN.SPIRE business area offers special, tailor-made company projects ranging from the Impulse format to Talent Management programs, wide-ranging manager academies and customized MBA courses. LIMAK IN.SPIRE follows an integrative approach, which throughout the entire project duration seeks close cooperation with the client. The entire content and course design are constantly adjusted to meet client requirements.

LIMAK IN.SPIRE supports managers and companies with its programs, which incorporate:

  • The design of company management
  • The establishment of a culture of constructive discussion
  • The successful guidance of change processes
  • The enhancement of managerial strategic skills
  • The further development of an understanding of company interrelationships
  • The taking of future-oriented managerial decisions on an in-depth basis
  • The generation of a uniform understanding of leadership
  • The freeing of the potential of managers and their teams
  • The enhancement of the ability to find solutions for current challenges
Customized Leadership Development for your company

A practical orientation and academic standards in all projects

Our in-house programs are developed jointly with the customers, matched to the challenges that they face and oriented towards the demands of daily managerial practice. In this regard, we are able to cover an extensive spectrum of learning topics on the very highest academic level with strong practice orientation. At present, some 70 per cent of in-house instruction relates to the development and consolidation of managerial competences during which issues such as leadership, communications, teamwork, motivation, conflict solution abilities, corporate culture and change management predominate. 30 per cent of program content is devoted to the development and broadening of managerial capabilities in areas such as finance, marketing, sales and strategy.

An international faculty with over 200 vastly experienced trainers

LIMAK IN.SPIRE has an excellent pool of more than 200 top leadership and management trainers. On the basis of the long-term experience on a managerial level and in differing branches and segments, we are able to suggest the trainer best suited to each client. LIMAK trainers offer first class competence in both a professional and methodological respect and dock precisely with the culture and people within a company. Our trainers are selected on the basis of clear criteria and internationality, personal managerial experience and a combination of a scientific-theoretical foundation, as well as excellent competence with regard to transference to practical situations, represent the norm. Our trainers are not “jacks-of-all-trades”, but specialists in their own particular fields. Moreover, we work with trainers, who apart from their expertise in a technical and methodology connection, stand out owing to their commitment, dedication and total professionalism.

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A process accompanying transfer orientation derived from special training design and transfer elements

Our primary objective is the transfer of the content from the training modules into the daily practice of your managerial personnel. This is because your manager development measures can only be successful, when the people involved can actually use the content during their day-to-day assignments.
In order to secure an optimum transfer orientation, we integrate various transfer elements into our programs, which include value discussions, project work and leadership sparring, etc. (please see the instrument realization phase) and are selected jointly in consultation with you.
A major success factor in the development of your managerial team is a commitment on the part of the executive management and the integration of the respective senior manager through measures such as:

  • The facilitation of the handling of case studies from the company during the modules and inter-modular project work, in which the executive management is involved from the explanation of the assignment to its implementation.
  • The provision of possibilities for the implementation of the findings of the modules in daily professional situations (creation of time resources and framework conditions) that are then mirrored by individual changes of attitude and behavior.
  • Support of the managerial personnel in difficult leadership situations by the respective senior manager and the Human Resources department.

Dynamic project management in dialogue with the clients

The demands of your company are constantly our prime concern because quite simply maximum benefits for both you and your managers can only be attained through the flexible adaptation of the training measures. The LIMAK IN.SPIRE team accompanies you through every individual phase from analysis to project evaluation.

LIMAK project management is characterized by realization that is trimmed precisely to company needs. With you with select the trainer that is best suited to your corporate culture and objectives.

In addition, we support you during program organization and coordination and if requested, assist the selection of the participants (with the aid of potential analyses). We draw up the documentation for the trainees, carry out joint briefings of the trainer with you regarding what in your opinion constitutes the most important content, and secure the smooth running of the entire project.

All our measures are accompanied by continuous reflection and coordination processes between the LIMAK IN.SPIRE project manager, your company and the respective trainer. By this means, we ensure that the ongoing group processes, as well as the content of the measures and their targets constantly remain attuned to your requirements.