Apart from specialist and managerial knowledge, in order to be a successful manager one requires the appropriate leadership capabilities. With its range of postgraduate training programs, the LIMAK Austrian Business School provides you with decisive support during the development of these competences.

Accordingly, the comprehensive selection of programs on offer extends from international executive training to compact short courses.


MBA Programs

Global Executive MBA (in German and English) 

The Global Executive MBA is directed towards managers in companies that wish to further professionalize their strategies for tapping into new markets. Stays abroad in the USA and China are part of the training.


Management MBA Programs

Seven specialized Management MBA Programs offer know-how for managers and experts from differing areas:


International Management MBA Programs

The International Management MBA offers you the possibility to extend your specialist management study course with an additional stay abroad in the USA or China. The study trips incorporate an ideal blend of an academic program, company visits and networking. In this way you can also acquire international experience during the specialized Management MBA.


Master in Management (MIM)

The Master in Management (MIM) is for (junior) managerial personnel, who apart from their business management training also wish to further develop their leadership capabilities. The course will furnish you with valuable business management know-how and improve your leadership skills. Within the scope of a transfer project and a master’s thesis you will learn how to implement the content and skills acquired on a theoretical level in a practice-oriented manner.



Certificate Courses


The certificate courses represent short, extra-occupational programs lasting between nine and fifteen days, which are held in blocked modules over a period of five to six months (mostly Thursday to Saturday).

They are recognized towards a LIMAK MBA and therefore if required, the individual short courses can be completed as modules, which then gradually evolve in the direction of a Business Administration MBA (taking into account the admission requirements for the LIMAK MBA).



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