Business Law Certificate Course

For Managers with legal responsibility and employees who owing to their managerial positions require a special understanding and knowledge of the law in order to complete their assignments with a critical eye on juridical issues. Does the description fit? If so, with the Business Law MBA Program you will receive the tools to deal with legal matters with competence and assuredness.

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15 days in 4-6 months
Extra occupational, blocked in modules
Whole day, mostly Thursday to Saturday,

Porgram Start

March 19, 2020

Application deadline:

February 19, 2020

Program Fee

EUR 6,900*

Application fee, examination fee, literature: EUR 490*

not including optional leadership check, travel and accommodation costs, lunches
* plus 10% VAT for companies entitled to deduct VAT

Target Group

Members of managing boards, CEOs, persons with the power of attorney, members of the executive management, divisional and departmental managers, who bear responsibility in their companies/institutions are interested in legal topics and wish to progress in this area.

Admission Requirements

A degree and at least three years of professional experience, or a comparable qualification derived from professional and practical experience, as well as a positive admission interview.

Teaching Language



LIMAK/Johannes Kepler University certificate


arrow  Curriculum Certificate Course (in German)


Business Law

Mag. Roman Sartor M.B.L.
Mag. Philipp Strasser
Mag. Stefan Arnold
Dr. Martina Eliskases
Dr. Dietmar Lux
Mag. Georg Florian Grabenweger
Dr. Christoph Lehner, LL.M.
Dr. Alexander Klingenbrunner
MMMag. Dr. Stephan Klinger
Dr. Gerhard Kuras
Dr. Helmut Engelbrecht
Mag. Philipp Summereder RA
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Geroldinger

The role of law and compliance is steadily evolving from that of a supportive function within operational activities into one that determines framework conditions. In recent years, the business sections of the press have become increasingly dominated by reports about companies that have breached statutory or compliance rules. The business community is not only confronted by the challenges derived from the changes in general conditions caused by digitization, but also the need for continual adaptations and both of these factors have moved legal issues into the spotlight. Employees with an enhanced basic understanding of the law can make a significant contribution to company success, as they can point to legal risks and solution corridors in all thematic areas of relevance.

In this program, “DIGITAL INSIDE” support managers during the realization of the digital transformation of their companies on a legal level. The “Legal Framework Conditions in the Digital Age” module deals with the most pressing juridical questions emanating from technological changes such as data protection and intellectual property rights.



The spezialisation of the Business Law MBA is completed in cooperation with ARS –  Akademie für Recht, Steuern & Wirtschaft. The participants recieve a certificate of both ARS and LIMAK.



  • Data protection rights – To what extent does the EU Data Protection Directive affect my company? How do I keep pace with the times in this regard? What does lawful application of the Data Protection Directive look like?
  • Intellectual property rights – How can I safeguard inventions and brands?
  • Constitutional/administrative law – What concrete effects will digitization have upon my company?


  • Labor law – How are employment contracts prepared? What is to be taken into account in the case of terminations of employment or dismissals? 
  • Works councils – Which companies need a works council? What should be noted during teamwork with a works council?
  • Fiscal law – Obligations and room for maneuver. What is to be considered during an audit?


  • Compliance – Necessary or spirit of the time?
  • Internal control systems – How can one measure and monitor compliance?
  • Anti-corruption – At what point does the public prosecutor become interested in gifts?
  • Whistleblowing – A means to secure entrepreneurial integrity or an invitation to defamation?


  • Financing – Does Basel III affect my company? Which clauses in loan contracts are worthy of special note? How does legally conformant crowd funding function?
  • Intellectual property rights – How can inventions and brands be protected?
  • Consumer protection law – What additional rights do my customers have? How should general terms of business be formulated?
Specific Benefits

Personal Leadership Check (optional)

Recognise your individual areas with scope for development through a personal potential analysis and in-depth coaching units. With the aid of the analysis, you can reach conclusions regarding your targets, strengths, preferences and potential. Tailor-made realisation advancement then takes place in the course of personal coaching.


  • The attainment of certainty during the handling of current legal matters (e.g. data protection rights, etc.) in connection with company management.
  • Implement legal conditions and compliance measures
  • Analyze complex content and clarify special questions relating to specific juridical matters