Innovation Management Certificate Course

For persons who are already involved with innovation management at their company or institution, or have an interest in innovation themes and wish to make further progress in this area.

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15 days in 4-6 months
Extra occupational, blocked in modules
Whole day, mostly Thursday to Saturday,

Program Start

March 25, 2020

Program Fee

EUR 6,900*

Application fee, examination fee, literature: EUR 490*
not including optional leadership check, travel and accommodation costs, lunches
* plus 10% VAT for companies entitled to deduct VAT

Target Group

Persons who are already involved with innovation management at their company or institution, or have an interest in innovation themes and wish to make further progress in this area.

Admission Requirements

A degree and at least three years of professional experience, or a comparable qualification derived from professional and practical experience, as well as a positive admission interview.

Teaching Language



LIMAK/Johannes Kepler University certificate


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Innovation and Product Management

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hahn
Dipl.-Produktdesigner (FH) Andreas Beer
Dr.-Ing. Peter Ohlhausen
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Bauer
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kurt Matzler
FH-Prof. Dr. Daniela Freudenthaler-Mayrhofer
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katja Hutter
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Fink

In a saturated market, companies can only survive and grow when they systematically differentiate themselves from their competitors by means of innovative performance. Therefore, the inventive capacity of companies constitutes a central competitive advantage. However, in a global economy characterized by increased networking, ever-shorter product life cycles and growing complexity, professional innovation management is essential. Indeed, companies can only look to a successful future when they are able to develop new business models, products and services that are truly pioneering and create genuine customer advantages.

In this program, “DIGITAL INSIDE” focuses of the conception and realization of digital business models. The “Innovation in the Digital Economy Business Model” module deals with the analysis and further development of existing business models and potential changes that result from the new technological possibilities. This affects concrete content regarding digital disruption and transformation, as well as their impact upon the process of business model innovation.


Innovation Strategy

  • From closed to open innovation – learn the basic principles of innovation management, how to use innovation sources and the advantages and potential of crowd sourcing
  • Business model innovation in the digital economy – recognize the success factors in a (digital) business model and understand a business plan
  • Innovation challenges – acquire a profound and critical comprehension of innovation, the potential and limits of innovation management and the economic, social and ethical implications of innovation


  • Innovation process design
  • Select and evaluate ideas
  • Introduce professionalism to product management and customization
  • The identification of future-oriented technologies
  • Market innovations


Practical exercise using a given question:

  • Planning – assignment planning
  • Understanding –information collation and comprehension
  • Ideation – idea generation
  • Evaluation – concept assessment
  • Prototyping – prototype realization

Personal Leadership Check (optional)

Recognise your individual areas with scope for development through a personal potential analysis and in-depth coaching units. With the aid of the analysis, you can reach conclusions regarding your targets, strengths, preferences and potential. Tailor-made realisation advancement then takes place in the course of personal coaching.


  • The development and implementation of innovation strategies
  • The use of the latest innovation management trends 
  • The generation and evaluation of ideas
  • Compile the success factors in a (digital) business model
  • Innovation marketing
  • The live experience of innovation processes in an innovation lab