Sales Management Excellence Certificate Course

For senior sales managers, key account managers, marketing experts en route to managerial appointments, business area managers, CEOs from SMEs and business development managers.

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15 days in 4-6 months
Extra occupational, blocked in modules
Whole day, mostly Thursday to Saturday

Porgram Start

October 8, 2020

Application deadline:

September 8, 2020



Program Fee

EUR 6,900*

Application fee, examination fee, literature: EUR 490*
not including optional leadership check, travel and accommodation costs, lunches
* plus 10% VAT for companies entitled to deduct VAT

Target Group

Senior sales managers, key account managers, marketing experts en route to managerial appointments, business area managers, CEOs from SMEs and business development managers.

Admission Requirements

A degree and at least three years of professional experience, or a comparable qualification derived from professional and practical experience, as well as a positive admission interview.

Teaching Language



LIMAK/Johannes Kepler University certificate


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Sales Management Excellence

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Karl Pinczolits
MMag. Dr. Wilfried Scheschy
Ing. Peter Huber
Mag. Hubert Preisinger
FH-Prof. Mag. (FH) Dr. Oliver Wieser

Successful selling in the digitization age is far more than merely the interface between supply and demand, and successful salespersons are not simply self-taught individuals, who have learned their skills from the bottom up. They are strategists with psychological background knowledge, which lead their teams to success in a targeted manner using the latest technologies. It is precisely at this point that you come into the picture. With “Sales Management Excellence” you will obtain a combination of a profound scientific basis and applied, practice-oriented know-how. You thus have the ability to guide and strengthen the sales activities of your company in a contemporary manner that enthuses your team. Welcome to a new dimension in further training.


In this program, DIGITAL INSIDE reveals the links between new technologies and the possibilities and essential prerequisites for their employment in one’s own company environment.  Two focal points are formed by a holistic view of the customer journey and the identification of the relevant client touch points for the generation of sales leads, as well as the employment of digitalization for the optimization of the sales process and the related improvement in efficiency levels.


Sales excellence + digital sales

  • Become acquainted with and apply strategic approaches and initiatives for the identification and acquisition of key accounters
  • Successful negotiating on an equal footing with executive board members, CEOs or buying centers
  • Holistic analysis of the customer journey and sales instruments for customer acquisition in the digital age
  • Learn about methods and approaches for the development and realization of a digital sales concept
  • Achieve an improvement in efficiency through system-/technology-supported sales
  • Increase contacts, presence and range by means of digitalization

Sales force management

  • Learn how the performance of sales personnel can be correctly assessed and enhanced
  • Sharpen up your competences with regard to the encouragement and challenging of sales personnel
  • Recognize the special aspects of managing differing types of sales personnel
  • Lead sales personnel via process and performance indicators
  • Draw up models for the analysis, furtherance and support of sales personnel and their competences

Personal competence

  • Develop sales strategy as a basis for company strategy
  • Recognize the link between strategy and the structure of sales organizations
  • Professionalize sales management and thus improve sales personnel performance
  • Sales management via performance indicators
  • Analyze and optimize sales processes
  • Obtain a holistic view of the customer journey and instruments for customer acquisition in the digital age

Personal Leadership Check (optional)

Recognise your individual areas with scope for development through a personal potential analysis and in-depth coaching units. With the aid of the analysis, you can reach conclusions regarding your targets, strengths, preferences and potential. Tailor-made realisation advancement then takes place in the course of personal coaching.


  • Develop sales strategies on the basis of company strategy 
  • Become acquainted with various purchasing and selling patterns on the basis of personality models 
  • Professionalize sales staff and the steering of sales procedures
  • Learn about the sales organization design process
  • Prepare a tailor-made sales concept on the basis of a company-related analysis
  • Exertion of an active influence upon an effective marketing organization
  • The development of excellence with regard to hard and soft factors in marketing and sales