Management MBA

Management MBAs for managers and experts

The LIMAK Management MBA Program, which has a modular structure, combines business management principles (Management Compact) and experience-related managerial seminars (Leadership Experience) with eight specialist areas, which are attuned to the individual needs of the participants.

Accordingly, LIMAK MBAs are intended for both managers and experts for the fields of business law and entrepreneurship, controlling and finance, marketing and product management, sales management, HR management and quality, project and process management as well as business development in the digital economy.

In order to profit from the LIMAK network to the greatest possible extent and to form new contacts, attendees complete the management basics (Module Management Compact) part of the course as a group. The fact that they come from differing branches opens up new perspectives and insights for all those involved.
During the Leadership Experience module, the groups are deliberately reduced in size, in order to facilitate experienced-oriented learning and to encourage know-how transfers under practical circumstances.

In the MBA specialization areas, an analysis of a special area of interest takes place among students with a shared focus.

Once the course has been completed successfully within 18 months (plus master’s thesis), the program concludes with the award of the Master of Business Administration academic degree.


  • Training: completion of a degree or a professional and practical qualification of comparable status.
  • Professional experience: at least 3 years (initial managerial experience of advantage)