Competence. In management.

The topic of leadership plays a central role in all LIMAK programs and courses. The expansion and further development of personal managerial competences is based mainly on interaction and experience components. The attendees obtain the maturity needed for new positions and assignments within their companies as a result of their own experiences.


We open up new perspectives for managers.

For this reason, LIMAK postgraduate training is also based on attendance times. These alone facilitate the extremely important exchanges among the attendees and the own experience of using the acquired knowledge oneself. Managerial competences and conduct cannot be taught on paper. They require self-experience through related learning methods in order to take root and develop. However, at the LIMAK these abilities are not communicated in conventional fashion in seminar rooms. Instead, advance leadership training is provided using experience- and result-oriented methods and outdoor exercises. This is undoubtedly the most intensive manner in which managerial competences can be developed sustainably through interaction and experience.

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