Shanghai & Shenzhen

Partner University

Tongji University


June 2nd – 7th, 2025

Program Fee

€ 4.000,-*

Application Fee**:  € 690,-

*Flights, transportation, sightseeing, lodging and meals are not included in the price. Limited number of participants

**Does not apply for current participants and graduates of LIMAK



Florentina Schallmeiner


Mag. Florentina Schallmeiner, BSc

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Program Facts

  • First-hand insights into the Chinese business environment from a variety of perspectives
  • Discussions about challenges and strategic decisions of global players
  • Knowledge transfer is facilitated by academic experts
  • The study trip comprises the multifaceted inputs from different cultural, institutional and legal perspectives
  • Insights in international companies of different industries
  • Socializing, networking opportunities and cultural program / sightseeing in Shanghai and Shenzhen

Shanghai & Shenzhen

Shanghai is a thriving business hub, serving as China’s leading financial and commercial center. Besides its stunning Skyline, Culinary Delights or Global Connectivity, Shanghai is known for its cultural fusion. The city seamlessly integrates traditional Chinese culture with modern influences, creating a harmonious blend of the old and the new.


Shenzhen is a major business hub recognized for rapid economic growth and technological innovation. Boasting a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and a thriving innovation ecosystem, Shenzhen attracts startups and multinational corporations, especially in cutting-edge industries like AI and biotechnology.

Learn about China from different perspectives

Learn about doing business in China:

The Learning Journey in China

  • starts with an introduction into the Chinese Economy, Culture and Society
  • continues with strategies and future challenges of Multinational Corporations in China
  • provides a deep dive into different perspectives of Innovation and the Chinese startup ecosystem
  • and completes with an insight into Sustainability policies and strategies of Asian Economies


The closing of the study trip features a wrap up of the week’s learnings and the presentation of group projects. All lectures are held by internationally recognized and experienced faculty members.

Develop personal and professional networks:

Learn about different industries on site, gain firsthand insights on how local Players and Austrian Subsidiaries in Singapore develop and successfully grow their businesses in Asia.

During the program, various company visits and discussions with local experts are facilitated in order to gain a valuable learning experience.

Evening events provide the opportunity to meet experts from local and international companies, exchange about current business developments and grow your global network.

Experience the rich culture and heritage of China:

Explore the vibrant mix of Shanghai’s culture and society by immersing yourself in its modern urban lifestyle, dynamic arts scene, and the seamless integration of traditional Chinese heritage with contemporary global influences.

Investigate the innovative culture and dynamic society of Shenzhen, characterized by its rapid technological advancements, entrepreneurial spirit, and international influence in the heart of China’s economic and manufacturing landscape.

Develop cross-cultural competence and gain a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions of locals by engaging in cultural immersion sessions in and outside of classes.

Example of program schedule

Timetable China 2025

Academic Supervisor

Professor Dr. Zheng HAN is Chair Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tongji University in Shanghai. He also serves as senior advisor and executive educator to both multinationals, Chinese hightech companies and venture capital firms. He teaches EMBA and top executive programs for leading international business schools and universities as such as Mannheim Business School and University of St. Gallen.

Portrait Zheng

Dr. Zheng Han im Interview

What can participants expect in China?


On the one hand, they can expect interesting lectures and lectures on China’s macroeconomic development. When, why and how did the country open up economically? What is the current development? What is the outlook for the future?


On the other hand – thinking of microeconomy – exciting visits to international companies are on the program during the week. There the participants learn the strategic priorities with which these companies face the competition and the challenges in the country.

中国 Study Trip to Peking and Shanghai 中国

2019 was the last time we were able to visit our partner school in China.


For a week, the LIMAK Austrian Business School and its participants visited Peking and Shanghai as part of the study trip! In addition to interesting lectures, sightseeing for example of the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall of China as well as exciting company visits were also on the agenda.


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