San Francisco/Silicon Valley


September 23rd – 28th, 2024

Target Group

LIMAK participants, Alumni and other interested executives, who want to expand their global network, develop cross-cultural competence and learn about global business development



Program Fee

€ 4.000,-*

Application Fee**: €690,-

*Travel costs and accommodations are not included in the price. Limited number of participants

**Does not apply for current participants and graduates of LIMAK



Mag. Claudia Buchinger

Mag. Claudia Buchinger
+43 676 898 664 482

Program Facts

  • Learn how business works in the United States, especially in the Bay Area
  • Understand the Silicon Valley mindset
  • Reflect the elements of starting a business at the silicon valley and how to implement an innovation culture
  • Enjoy company visits of global acting companies in Silicon Valley
  • Discuss real-life case studies with faculty and guest speaker
  • Benefit from off-campus social events, networking opportunities and cultural program in San Francisco
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San Francisco and Silicon Valley

San Francisco is a hub of innovation and technology, with many major tech companies headquartered in the area and a major center for finance, tourism, and biotech industries. It is a city of rich history and a vibrant culture, offering many cultural attractions and unique sightseeing spots.


Silicon Valley is located south of San Francisco and is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook and Intel. It is also the birthplace of many famous startups, such as Airbnb, Uber, and Tesla. Silicon Valley is a unique and dynamic region that continues to drive innovation and shape the future of technology.

Learn about the USA & Silicon Valley from different perspectives

Learn about Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the USA:


The Learning Journey in San Francisco

  • starts with an introduction into how business works in the United States
  • reflects the elements of starting a business at the Silicon Valley
  • provides a deep dive into cultural differences between the Bay Area, the United States and other parts of the world (e.g. business failure)
  • develops an idea of how Venture Capital / Angel Investing works in the United States
  • and completes with discussions of the role of socio, economic, political and ecological impact in Bay Area business.


The closing of the study trip features a wrap up of the week’s learnings and the presentation of group projects. All lectures are held by internationally recognized and experienced faculty members.

Develop personal and professional networks:


Get first-hand insights at the Silicon Valley and learn about why it is famous for being a hub of innovation and technology. Meet local as well as Austrian & European founders and get to know their experiences of founding and growing their own companies.


During the program, various company visits and discussions with local experts are facilitated in order to gain a valuable learning experience.


Evening events provide the opportunity to meet experts from local and international companies, exchange about current business developments and grow your global network.

Experience the Bay Area from a cultural perspective:


San Francisco has a unique and diverse culture that is influenced by its history, geography, innovation and population. Learn about the diverse population of the city, the vibrant arts scene, the rich culinary options, the history of political activism, the fascinating sceneries on the coast and the many destinations for outdoor activities.


Develop cross-cultural competence and gain a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions of locals by engaging in cultural immersion sessions in and outside of classes.

Academic Supervisor

Robert Shoffner is the Director of MBA Programs and Lecturer at Golden Gate University.


He teaches graduate and undergraduate Management, Communication, Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship courses. Robert is also the program manager of the Chevron Small Business and Entrepreneurship program at Golden Gate University. He provides programming and instruction for beginning entrepreneurs and establish small businesses.


Robert Shoffner is the creator of Executive Education program offerings and also the chair of the Faculty Senate for the business faculty of Golden Gate University.

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Mario Herger

Silicon Valley Expert

Mario Herger is a technology trend researcher and author, consulting and conducting workshops on Artificial Intelligence, Foresight Mindset, Automotive, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Silicon Valley, Online Harassment.


He has been living in Silicon Valley since 2001.


Mario looks at signals of emerging technology trends and how they impact society, politics, or employment.

Example of Program Schedule

Timetable USA 2024

Study Trip to San Francisco 2023

Study Trip USA - Golden Gate University

Academic program @Golden Gate University and @Berkeley

We offered 11 MBA students the incredible opportunity to visit the heart of innovation, entrepreneurship and high-tech in the Bay Area.


The Study Trip started in San Francisco at the Golden Gate University with a two-day academic program with Robert Shoffner and Joshua Neubert who presented an interesting introduction into the innovation culture and the Silicon Mindset. At the Faculty Club, the Berkeley professor Rick Rasmussen invited us to dive deeper in the exciting topics of Entrepreneurial frameworks and the innovation ecosystems including growth strategies for scaling a startup and the challenges with rapid growth.


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We are back: Study Trip to San Francisco 2022

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After a 2-year break due to the pandemic, we are now back at our partner university in San Francisco!


For a week, the LIMAK Austrian Business School and its participants visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley as part of the study trip! In addition to interesting lectures, exciting company visits were also on the agenda.


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