who want to continue their education in a goal-oriented, practice-oriented, time- and location-independent way.

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Format & Commitment

Flexibles E-Learning Format:

  • 100% online (e-learning format)
  • time and location independent training
  • live Webinars
  • self-study under expert guidance
  • in supervised course groups


  • 5-week Online Course
  • Effort about 8 hours a week (flexible time schedule)

Benefits through digital sales transformation in your company:

  • Lasting improvement in productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Empower your sales employees for the digital transformation.
Program start

March 02, 2020

Application deadline:

February 17, 2020

Program fee

€ 990,– *

*plus VAT

Target Group
  • Sales, area and marketing managers
  • Key account and digitalization managers
  • Sales experts en route to managerial positions
  • CEOs from small and medium-sized companies
  • Business development managers

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German, study material German/English


LIMAK certificate


Course Director „Digital Sales Transformation“




Peter Huber is a LIMAK expert in the sales field and as the founder and operator of the Xing Digital Transformation Network has assisted over 2,500 members with this topic.


“Digitalization is a blessing for any salesperson. Because if well integrated into the working process and applied with inquisitiveness and pleasure, digital technologies open up space for the important things in this profession. Namely, communications, esteem and attentive, person –to-person meetings. This online course constitutes a holistic concept for the design and introduction of the digital transformation in sales.” 

Artificial intelligence, CRM, social media, EDP interfaces, mobile working and e-commerce add up to an increasingly digitalized society in which apart from a technical revolution, we are confronted by increasingly demanding customers, markets demonstrating ever-greater competitiveness, growing product portfolio complexity and dynamic changes in internal company organizations. And it is these challenges that managers and their workforces have to day every day, in order to achieve their set targets.

Away from the general digitalization rhetoric, during the LIMAK online course you will be

able to deal in concrete terms with the key question of how through the reasonable use of digital technologies, your sales organization can raise both its productivity and customer satisfaction levels on a lasting basis.

As a result, every participant develops a digital sales concept for his or her company on the basis of tried and tested documentation. In addition, the course enables the participants to explain digital change to their sales teams, improve the cooperation with other specialist areas (e.g. IT) and initiate the necessary steps. The course represents a blend of expert impulses, best practice and a dialogue between the attendees and assignments, which can be completed individually and against the background of the challenges faced by the students in their companies. The course is also supplemented by feedback from its director and peer students within the group.

Specific Benefits

  • Development of a digital sales concept as an instruction manual for the strategic and operative digitalization of sales
  • Efficiency analysis and development of online/offline customer contacts
  • Best practice: learning from pioneering companies
  • Toolbox with digital templates and checklists
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Study Week 1



You can estimate the urgency of digitalization for your company and will be enabled to process the resultant competitive advantages through the use of a degree of maturity model.

  • Webinar 1
    From 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, 5 March 2020

Study Week 2



You receive an overview of current technologies within a sales context and can set out the chances and risks of their employment.

Study Week 3



You learn how to utilize new technologies effectively in a sales funnel (e.g. for lead generation) and by means of your customer journey, define targets for your touch points and analyze the demands of differing sales channels.

  • Webinar 2
    From 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, 19 March 2020

Study Week 4



You will be in a position to assess holistically the consequences of digital change with regard to sales culture and working methods, and weight these effects for your company. You will be able to redesign day-to-day sales activities.

Study Week 5



You will become acquainted with success and risk factors during the preparation of a digital sales concept, and then develop a specific version for your own company.

  • Webinar 3
    From 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, 2 April 2020

Technical equipment and study materials

No special technical equipment is needed for participation in an online course. Apart from Internet access, all that is required are a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a headset (for webinars).

During the five study weeks, via the LIMAK Online Campus you will receive all the relevant documentation and assignments in the form of e-books, scientific articles, case studies and videos.

Within a pre-stated time, weekly assignments are to be carried out individually (e.g. quizzes for self-examination, checklists and reflection tasks).

Individual project work is also to be completed parallel to the weekly assignments with the aim of developing a digital business model step-by-step.

The LIMAK Online Campus is employed as a shared communications platform and can be used at any time for requests to the LIMAK program support team for (technical and organizational) assistance, contacts with the course director, or exchanges with colleagues during group forums.

You will be sent a link in advance for participation in the three live webinars in order that you can easily gain entry to the web meeting without the installation of additional software.

Participation in the webinars is compulsory. A recording of the webinar will be subsequently made available.



  • Are ECTS allocated for the online courses?
    There are no ECTS for LIMAK online courses.
  • What do I receive when I register for an online course?
    If you register for an online course, you will be given access to all the contributions and content that you require to complete the program and subsequently be awarded a certificate. This includes access to the LIMAK Online Campus and the entire content, which is presented through it in the form of consecutive, incremental weeks. During the individual learning weeks, electronic study materials (e.g. e-book, videos), assignments (e.g. quizzes, project work) and software for the webinars will be provided.
  • When do I receive access to the online learning units?
    You will have access to the Info Center and the first study week from the start of the course. You will thus receive all the necessary information for successful course completion and can begin working on the content and the initial assignments of the first study week. Subsequently, a further study week will be released in order to be able to guarantee you a structured, didactic and contentual structure.
  • Is technical support available during the course?
    During the entire duration of the online course, a LIMAK course assistant will be at your service. You will receive all the necessary information regarding technical equipment and an introduction to the appropriate tools (webinars, etc.) in the first study week. Furthermore, during the live webinars, the LIMAK course assistant is available for presentation and support.
  • Are there possibilities for dialogue with colleagues?
    Dialogue amongst the participants is extremely important and is promoted during the online course in various ways. On the learning platform, there is a chaired discussion forum for networking.
  • What happens if I fail to complete the online assignments in the given time?
    The pre-stated deadlines are structured on the basis of a didactic concept. The high quality of the online course program cannot be secured unless the assignments are also finished in the appropriate sequence. The LIMAK final certificate is only awarded when all the deadlines have been met.
  • May I also use the content and assignments following the end of the course?
    You may employ the content for up to three weeks after the course has been concluded. In order to obtain the LIMAK final certificate all assignments must be completed on time.
  • Do I receive a certificate even if I do not complete all the assignments?
    The online course is seen as having been passed when all the assignments (e.g. quizzes, project work, peer evaluation) have been carried out and you participated in all the webinars. Following the conclusion of the course, you will then receive a LIMAK certificate.
  • Is webinar attendance compulsory?
    Webinar participation is obligatory because owing to the related interactive exchanges and know-how communication, they represent a decisive part of the course.