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As a recognized specialist in the field of postgraduate further training for managers, LIMAK offers an extensive portfolio for leaders from various levels of managerial responsibility starting from the basic principles of management, specialized short programs (certificate courses) and extensive management MBA programs and the Global Executive MBA.


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Another focal point is tailor-made manager development. In the LIMAK IN.SPIRE area, special programs are prepared together with the recipient companies and carried out in in-house academies.

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The LIMAK Austrian Business School is Austria’s manager development competence center. The nation’s best managers can rely on recognized experts from the scientific field and experienced practitioners from the business area for their further training. Moreover, long-term partnerships with respected Austrian industrial companies underline the strongly practical aspects of all of the LIMAK Austrian Business School’s advanced training programs. This is what we understand by the term COMPETENCE FOR LEADERS.


To be precise, manager development that changes viewpoints and opens up new perspectives is what the LIMAK Austrian Business School has been offering for over 25 years. As Austria’s first business school and a specialist in the area of postgraduate further training, to date LIMAK has been able to arouse the enthusiasm of 11,862 managers and 897 MBA and master’s degree graduates. Furthermore, with every new program start these numbers increase along with the total of managers that profit from LIMAK networking.